Strong College Application Essay Ideas for You

Happened to be dumbfounded at the thought of writing a college essay? Can’t come up with any decent comparison and contrast essay ideas? Thinking that writing persuasive essays is far beyond your abilities? This type of thinking will lead you nowhere.

All you need is a brilliant essay idea. Something you feel passionate about. A topic you are excited to share with the world.

What are persuasive essay ideas for high school and college admission?

Let’s start with persuasive essay topics which are quite a frequent occasion required for college admission. With persuasive essays, it is necessary to devote a fair share of time to finding a strong and acute topic. Here are some ideas for your persuasive essay:

  • Live versus virtual communication. Sadly, many people choose texting over a live conversation. While this is an invaluable thing to have a means of immediate communication at elbow, interacting face-to-face seems to be neglected. Address the issue by trying to convince your audience to choose live or on the other hand virtual communication.
  • Upon a keen observation, people tend to choose movies over books. So on which side of the isle do you sit when it comes to reading versus viewing? Venture out possible arguments to create a compelling read. Refer to specific books, movies, and TV shows.
  • Admission essays often require you to convince the reader to accept you to college. So writing about yourself in a persuasive manner you need to provide specific information as to why you deserve to be a part of the student community. Just make sure your essay is not one-stop for all colleges you apply. Make sure you make an investigation about college history and values before writing it.
  • Most of the “reality shows” running on TV are affected and only slightly resemble real life. By giving valid arguments, explain why you agree or disagree with this statement. Refer to some well-known shows and ensure your idea is accompanied by compelling points.
  • Traditional learning seems to fade into insignificance in comparison to online learning. In fact, the number of students taking at least one class of distant learning grows at a double digit each year. Address the issue by stating arguments in favor of one or another education kind.
  • If you need an excellent persuasive essay ideas for kids, environment issues are the most winning and easy-to-write-about topics. For instance, do you subscribe the theory that electric cars do enough to protect our surroundings? Refer to specific ecological problems in your locality to make essay sound of immediate interest.
  • Keeping tabs on health issues, address the problem of healthy nutrition at schools. Refer to the specific problem of placing vending machines at schools. Make sure to provide compelling arguments to persuade the reader.
  • Local authorities would like to allow buying drinks by those who are under 21 if they took an alcohol education class. Discuss why you are for or against enforcing such proposal.

Use these ideas as a basis for doing your own research and remember that a unique angle is what is going to bump you up to the highest grade.